Rainbow Scientific, Inc. (RSI) distributes state-of-the-art products to molecular cytogenetics, clinical chemistry, pathology and hemostasis research laboratories.

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Dancing Helixes

The Dancing Helix is energized by the power of the Orbiter motor, the battery operated motor enclosed. It sends an impulse of energy in a rhythmical cycle that is made visible through the nature of the mobile below. Just as the invisible wind is revealed in a flag flying, the mobile shows us this burst of energy an an undulating pattern of waves moving from order to chaos and then back, creating and then dissolving our helix shape. Click here to view an example of the magic in motion.

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Kementec – manufacturer of substrates, buffers, labels and conjugates for immunoassays, with uncompromised:

  • Quality and consistency
  • Sensitivity and shelf-life
  • Ease-of-use
  • Safety for personnel and environment

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Kementec is a well-established, innovative, and service oriented company with 30 years of experience as a manufacturer and supplier of components to the industry and to researchers worldwide. Being a market leader in developing solutions for immunoassays, their continuous goal is to deliver sustainable products without compromising on quality, sensitivity and accuracy. Kementec’s ECO-TEK products offer the highest level of sustainability for manufacturing immunoassays with the following characteristics:

  • Free of BSA - Easing cross border paperwork & improving assay reproducibility
  • Free of NMP or other harmful organic solvents - Reducing regulatory concerns
  • Free of toxic preservatives and hazardous stop solutions - Improving work environments

Kementec's immunoassay solutions are eco-friendly, creating a healthy work environment and preserving natural resources, while helping our customers fulfill significant regulatory requirements.

Check out Kementec’s website for further information at www.kementec.com

Major Announcement

Rainbow Scientific, Inc. is now the exclusive North American Distributor for CytoTest, a superior FISH probe manufacturer with a catalog of over 800 premium FISH probes. Find out what CytoTest and Rainbow Scientific, Inc. can do for your lab! Click HERE for announcement details.

Check out their website at www.cytotest.com

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