Rainbow Scientific, Inc. (RSI) distributes state-of-the-art products to molecular cytogenetics, clinical chemistry, pathology and hemostasis research laboratories across North America.


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Dancing Helixes

The Dancing Helix is energized by the power of the Orbiter motor, the battery operated motor enclosed. It sends an impulse of energy in a rhythmical cycle that is made visible through the nature of the mobile below. Just as the invisible wind is revealed in a flag flying, the mobile shows us this burst of energy an an undulating pattern of waves moving from order to chaos and then back, creating and then dissolving our helix shape. Click here to view an example of the magic in motion.

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Same company, same products, new look

Kem-En-Tec Diagnostics has changed its name to Kementec Solutions. A change in the company name also in­spires a change in the company identity. The new design is based on their com­pany motto – Colors of Success – which describes how providing high quality colorimetric substrates has always been important to them. Check out Kementec’s website for further information at www.kementec.com
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