Rainbow Scientific, Inc. 2020 Conference Schedule 


2020 Conferences



Gulf Coast Regional Genetics Meeting

Tampa, FL

February 21

American College of Medical Genetics Meeting (ACMG)

San Antonio, TX

March 17-21

Clinical Lab Management Association (CLMA)

Louisville, KY

March 29-31

COG Cytogenetics Workshop

St. Louis, MO


ASQ World Conference on Quality and Improvement

Columbus, OH

May 3-6

American Cytogenetics Conference (ACC)

Hilton Head, SC

May 3-6

COLA-Symposium for Clinical Labs

Orlando, FL

May 27-30

American Public Health Labs (APHL)

Portland, OR

June 8-11

Association Genetic Technologists (AGT) and ASCLS

Louisville, KY

June 28-July 2

American Association Clinical Chemistry (AACC)

San Francisco, CA

July 26-30

Cancer Genomics Consortium

Nashville, TN

August 2-5

FGT Southeastern Regional Genetics Meeting

Charleston, SC

September 11

NY State Regional Cytogenetics Meeting



California Public Health Lab Directors



American Society for Reproductive Medicine

Portland, OR

October 17-21

American Public Health Association (APHA)

San Francisco, CA

October 24-28

American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG)

San Diego, CA

October 27-31

Lab Quality Confab

San Antonio, TX

November 17-18

Association of Molecular Pathology (AMP)

Vancouver, BC

November 18-21


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