Rainbow Scientific, Inc. 2019 Conference Schedule



2019 Conferences



Clinical Lab Management Association (CLMA)

Grapevine, TX 

March 31-April 3

COLA-Symposium for Clinical Labs

Las Vegas, NV

April 3-6

Children’s Oncology Group Cytogenetics (COG)

St. Louis, MO

April 12-13

Gulf Coast Regional Genetics Meeting

New Orleans, LA

May 16-17

World Conference on Quality Improvement

Fort Worth, TX

May 20-22

Association of Public Health Laboratories (APHL)

St. Louis, MO

June 3-6

Association of Genetic Technologists (AGT)

Charlotte, NC

June 23-26

National Association of County Health Officials

Orlando, FL

July 9-11

American Association Clinical Chemistry (AACC)

Anahiem, CA

August 4-8

New York Regional Cytogenetics Meeting

Syracuse, NY

October 5

Lab Quality Confab

Atlanta, GA

October 15-16

California Association of Public Health Directors (CAPHLD)



American Public Health Association (APHA)

Philadelphia, PA

November 2-6

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