Rainbow Scientific, Inc. distributes innovative diagnostic products for the fields of molecular cytogenetics, hemostasis, and clinical chemistry. We are the North American Distributor for the Manufacturers listed below, who are each leaders in their fields and comprise the major product lines offered through Rainbow Scientific. Stock inventory of nearly all products are maintained in our Windsor, Connecticut warehouse. Most products are available to ship to our customers for next day delivery.

Please note: While Rainbow Scientific's website provides information for ordering purposes on all our products including product codes, product description, etc., a direct link to each manufacturer's website is provided for more detailed information. All products on these websites may not be available in the US.

For more information or to place an order please call us at (860) 298-8382, fax us at (860) 298-8586, or email us at

CytoTest -
Florescence In Situ Hybridization (FISH)Probes
Ancillary Reagents
Genial Genetics -
Cytogenetic Robotic Harvesters
Genetic Patient Database Software
iPassport Laboratory Quality Management System (QMS) Software
mWare Integration Engine and Interfaceware Software
ProCell Cytogenetic Laboratory Reagents
Life Therapeutics -
Special Coagulation/Hemostasis Test Kits
Kementec Solutions -
Buffers & Stabilizers
Enzymes-Horseradish Peroxidase Liquid Substrates (TMB Substrate & pNPP & BCIP Substrate) Streptavidin

SciGene -
FISH Slide Processing Reagents
CytoBond Removable Coverslip Sealant
CytoZyme Stabilized Pepsin + Reaction Buffer
FISH Wash Buffers 1 and 2
Sodium Thiocyanate Pretreatment Reagent (NaSCN)
Biological Industries
Genial Kem-En-Tec SciGene Life Therapeutics Home