Genial Genetics

Genial Genetics
Since 2002, Rainbow Scientific, Inc. has been actively marketing, selling and supporting Cytogenetic Laboratory Automation Instruments, Genetic Patient Data Management Systems, Laboratory Quality Management (QMS) Software, and ProCell reagents for Genial Genetics (Chester, UK).

Please see below for our complete list of products from Genial Genetics. To place an order, simply call (860) 298-8382, fax (860) 298-8586, or email us at

  • MultiPrep CellSprint Cytogenetic Robotic Harvesters

  • MultiPrep Genie 205 Cytogenetic In Situ Culture Harvester

  • MetaPrep Automatic Cytogenetic Slide Preparation System

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ProCell Cytogenetic Laboratory Reagents
Shire Genetic Patient Database Software
iPassport Laboratory Quality Management System (QMS) Software
iGene Genetic Database Software
mWare Integration Engine and Interfaceware Software
Pedigree Draw
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