Biological Industries

Biological Industries
Important Rainbow Scientific, Inc. Update for Biological Industries Customers 

We are pleased to announce that Biological Industries (Beit Haemek, Israel) will be expanding its operations into the US and is establishing its own subsidiary, Biological Industries USA, Inc. (BI-USA). Rainbow Scientific, Inc. will no longer distribute Biological Industries' cell culture media, molecular biology reagents, AquaGuard-1, AquaGuard-2 and Pharmacidal Spray products. 

Starting November 1, 2015 we kindly request that your purchase orders for these items be sent directly to Biological Industries USA, Inc. 

These changes will NOT disrupt the availability of Biological Industries' products to your laboratory. Going forward, the Biological Industries' items will be stored and shipped from their new BI-USA location in Cromwell, Connecticut. 

It will be necessary for you to establish Biological Industries USA, Inc. as the vendor of record within your institutions' Purchasing and Accounts Payable Systems. We have provided you with links to important documents below that will assist you with this process, including a copy of BI-USA Inc.'s W-9 Form confirming their Tax ID# 36-4816451, BI-USA's specific company details for ordering and payment purposes and their Terms and Conditions of Sale. 

As of November 1, 2015, your institution should submit their product purchase orders using the following methods:

Telephone: (860) 316-2702
Fax: (860) 269-0596

You may also order online on the Biological Industries USA, Inc. website by clicking here.

We expect a smooth transition forward towards this important November 1st changeover date. Should you have any questions, please call us. 

Please note BI-USA has their own dedicated US Sales and Operations teams who will be contacting you shortly to introduce themselves to your laboratory. The BI-USA teams will continue to provide you with excellent service and enhanced technical support. As always, the best and latest information on all Biological Industries USA, Inc. products is easily found at

Please click the link below to access BI-USA documents:

BI-USA Documents
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